Qualitative Market Research

We will manage the whole of your project, from recruitment to the complete design, implementation, analysis and presentation.

We would be pleased to take over the classic field work and find the right test persons for you.

Do not hesitate to enquire about difficult target groups – we welcome challenges.

Thanks to our network of qualified partners, a large number of countries, cities, studios and moderators are at your disposal. We would be pleased to look for the right location for you.

Our portfolio also includes focus groups, IDIs, TDIs, Skype interviews, workshops, online GDs, mystery shopping and testing, driving tests and car clinics.

We work with both classic and innovative recruitment methods. Social media in particular are a powerful tool that is used more and more frequently. Naturally we always work in close consultation with the client as far as the ad design and wording are concerned, in both the B2C and B2B segments.


Quantitative Market Research


The U-Turn Research CATI-Studio in Cologne offers 24 CATI stations.

In CATI studies too we focus on B2B or challenging B2C target groups.
We do not deal with studies involving representative samples of populations.

Our partnerships with institutes in Europe, Asia and overseas cover the remainder of the international field.

We offer programming, data delivery in SPSS, Excel or ASCII files, and tabulation.

Naturally we would also be pleased to work with your programming.

You are very welcome to undertake the interviewer briefings and monitoring personally yourself at our premises in Cologne, but we are also more than happy to take this over for you.

Whether you are interested in B2B or B2C studies, we look forward to your enquiries.


Mystery shopping, mystery testing:

We have been expanding our mystery shopping department since the beginning of 2018 and maintain a mystery field throughout Germany, which currently consists of around 600 active mystery shoppers.

We handle various tracking studies for insurance companies, banks, wholesalers and retailers, but we are also the perfect contact for you for mystery studies in the B2B segment.

We can recruit and train fleet managers, purchase decision makers and finance decision makers in businesses and companies of all sizes for your mystery studies.



We offer both B2B and B2C studies, using our own mystery and interviewer field in Germany and the international F2F fields of our partner institutes.

Whether for mystery shopping surveys, product tests or CAPI questionnaires, we will always be your central contact point and will manage the international field work for you.
We do not offer classic studies representative of particular populations or “random roots”.


Our network of POS interviewers has grown over the years, and is available to you for almost every area of application. We are familiar with the high standards of point-of-sale studies and are well able to do justice to these.



U-Turn Research does not maintain a classic online panel.

We would be pleased to recruit special panels for you that cannot be surveyed ad hoc online – target groups that cannot be found in any existing panels. These include purchase decision makers, manual workers, patients, doctors, cooks, KOLs etc.

However we do offer online studies with data collection via social media platforms.